• What equipment and clothes should I bring?

    The equipment required for each trip is specified on the page for each event.
    In any case, when you book, you will be notified again about the recommended equipment to take, depending on the weather conditions.

  • What does each activity include?

    Each excursion tells what it includes on its activity page.

    The minimum that includes every trip is:
    - Professional guide
    - Trekking poles
    - First aid kit
    - Satellite-based GPS.
    - Cold soft drinks

    Private tours also include:
    - transportation 4 x 4.
    - Bilingual guide
    - Lunchbox.
    - Accidental insurance.

  • Where shall we meet?

    For private tours, we will pick you up from your preferred accommodation or location.
    For group tours, the meeting point is always at the Tobalaba metro station.

  • Can I change my pickup spot?

    During a private tour, if you need to change the pickup location, you must send an email to privados@pumaadventures.cl at least 24 hours before the departure time.
    In a group tour, you can hop in the car on the way to the destination, if it is on the road established at the destination.

  • Can an activity be canceled?

    Activities may be canceled when weather conditions are unsuitable for safe performance or when they may endanger participants. You will always be informed of the meteorological situation and any changes in your booking.

  • Can I change the day of the activity?

    Yes, it is possible to modify the date of your booking. To do this, you must send an e-mail to privados@pumaadventures.cl 72 hours before your departure, indicating the new date. This is a one-time change.


  • When should I pay?

    For private visits, you can pay 50% in advance via PayPal, transfer, or cards.
    For group trips, you must pay before departure for your booking to be valid.

  • Do I have to pay in USD or Chilean pesos?

    You can pay in USD or Chilean pesos.
    If you pay in dollars, the value will be accepted as regards the conversion of the day of the reservation.
    If you pay in cash, the bills cannot be damaged or written off.

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