Enjoy one of the best panoramas without leaving Santiago, where we will reach a 20-meter-high waterfall, along a beautiful path in the foothills of the Andes Mountains.

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If you have a free day in Santiago and want to visit the nearby mountains, relax on the trails and enjoy the outdoors very close to the city, you need to book this program. This is one of the protected areas located to the east of the city of Santiago, where the trails can take you up to 3.300 m above sea level, the highest point of the mountain range in front of the city (Cerro San Ramón).

El Salto del Apoquindo is located within the commune of La Reina in Santiago, in the private sector Aguas de Ramón Natural Park, at the foot of the San Ramón hill, created in 2002. Over the years it has become a panorama Not to be missed both for Santiago residents and for those who visit the city. It is very easy to access and can be accessed in a few hours of walking, also providing spectacular views of the city and the valley of Santiago.

Along the trail we will pass various points including small waterfalls, crossing estuaries and stopping at viewpoints that provide excellent panoramic views of the city. The final point, the waterfall, is reached after about 3-4 hours of walking (approximately 8 kilometers). Upon reaching the waterfall we can enjoy and rest, eating something and hydrating ourselves, enjoying the connection with the surrounding nature.










- Professional guide
- Transportation
- Trekking sticks
- Photographic record
- First aid kit
- Satellite communication
- Refreshments at the end
- Accident insurance


- Personal equipment
- Tips


- trekking shoes with cane
- Warm windproof clothing
- Gloves and hat
- Sunglasses and sunscreen
- March ration
- Lunch or sandwich
- 2 liters of water minimum


- 07:30 Pick up at your hotel
- 08:30 The ascent begins
- 12:00 Summit and lunch
- 13:00 Decline
- 15:00 I finish and return
- 16:00 Drop in to your hotel


For all those people in good health, who engage in regular physical activity.

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  • Site

    Apoquindo Falls

  • Industry

    La Reina

  • Altitude

    1620 AMSL

  • Distance

    17 kms

  • ramp

    790 mts

  • Estimated time

    5 hrs

  • Season

    All year


Values ​​per person in CLP or its equivalent in USD

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  • 2


  • 3


  • 4


  • 5+


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Martiss _
Martiss _
They are very willing to make the experience unique and protected. Very prepared, friendly and professional, so they always look forward to new challenges with them. Congratulations and thank you. Recommended a thousand.
Alberto Fresco
Alberto Fresco
A perfect day 😎💙!!
marcela tejada
marcela tejada
I recommend Puma Adventure, they generate the confidence necessary to enjoy the outings regardless of the degree of difficulty.
Luis Del Mar
Luis Del Mar
Just thanks for the good slingshot and willingness to guide us to spectacular places.
juan ortiz
juan ortiz
Excellent service provided by both Javi and Vicho. Thanks to them, I was able to conquer Lead for the first time. Totally grateful.
Gustavo Gallardo Olivares
Gustavo Gallardo Olivares
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Eduardo Solar
Eduardo Solar
A joy to share once again with this tremendous human team... Thank you...
Bruno Vasquez
Bruno Vasquez
Excellent group, a very good experience, super professional guides and good vibes! I totally recommend it.
Jimena P
Jimena P
Top guide! Cerro El Pintor Chile It was incredible, Vicho is super professional, on time, prepared, and as a super extra he has a very good eye for photos.
BEST TREKKING GROUP Javiera & Vicente are great guides, I've been in a couple of tours and they are just responsible, being with the whole group during the journey, they just care about my experience at mountain, since you apply they make sure you are capable of that tour meanwhile just you need to be follow their leads, Javiera & Vicente are both certified to be at mountains, I've been trekking here at Chile since 2018 and Puma Adventures I would say is the best group, they care about safety, if you do not wanna go with group they offer private tour with is dope, that's why I am giving them 5 stars review, if you want to choose a group, Puma Adventures is best option.
Guy S
Guy S
El Morado Glacier hike Vicente was a great guide. He took us on a fabulous guided hike to the glacier. Hard work, but he had a lovely surprise for us when we were done…Thanks a lot 😀
Thiago B
Thiago B
Incredible experience with a woman in Cerro El Pintor Let's make a woman and us on Cerro el Pintor, a trilha de faz cair or queiro such a shape that place. When the end of the trilha is over, you can see the geleiras perfectly. O Vicente and Camila give us full support and love of wonderful people who leave us speechless, the size of their humility and simplicity. Puma, Vich e Camila, vcs foram incriveis...
Jorge Garcia
Jorge Garcia
Cerros El Plomo and Leoneras with Puma Adventures Here is a view of the Leoneras hills (4.954 meters above sea level) and El Plomo (5.424 meters above sea level), from the Ovnipuerto. Both summits achieved with the guidance and support of Puma Adventures, our Super Guides. If you want to go trekking in Chile, I recommend contacting them. Totally reliable. The little jump at the summit is a characteristic hallmark.
Antonio O
Antonio O
Unforgetable experience I value the constant support of the guides, the good vibes of the group, the knowledge and that they help us all reach the top
Celine A
Celine A
The best trekking guides! Super recommended! I highly recommend Puma Adventures for getaways of 1 day or more in the mountains of Chile. I especially highlight the professionalism and affection of Javiera and Vicente, the guides. They have treks for all levels and it is ideal to go alone since you will always meet a wonderful group of people.
Veronica D
Veronica D
A challenge, how much your body and mind give, it gets tired and you motivate it to give more. The end is what you say, “I did it and I'll tell you.” Listen to your guide, he will tell you exactly how to do it because there are times along the way where there is soft snow or very loose stones and you can slip, Vicho explains how to do it better.
Pamela V
Pamela V
El Morado Glacier with Puma Adventures ❤️ One of the best experiences in my life. Challenging but completely achievable and unforgettable! Totally recommended the tour. Vicho was an excellent guide and company.
Hike to the El Morado glacier? Of course! The care and experience are both unique and unmatched. For those who like a physical challenge, being in contact with nature and seeing incredible places, this is the right adventure. Vicho is an absolute professional and will advise you, accompany you and take spectacular photos.


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